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Miami Heat


Almost 4 months after we watched a thrilling 7 game finals comeback win by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Golden State Warriors, training camp and the new season is upon us. Our Miami Heat after a good playoff run last season, prepares again with the intention of making another playoff appearance with their new younger team led by one of the best defenders in the game, Hassan Whiteside. Management decided to put a big chunk of the salary cap into Hassan’s future and maintain our defensive presence in the paint. Goran Dragic look to guide our offense along with the new acquisitions of Dion Waiters and Wayne Ellington. The Heat stayed young with the presence of second year forward Justice Winslow, Tyler Johnson and rookie year sensation Josh Richardson. Unknown expectations but a bright future is what all the Heat fans hope for in this new era for the franchise. The season is just around the corner and tickets are available for all single games. Be part of Miami Heat’s upcoming season with White Glove International.